What’s the need for the cozy bed?
It’s not about honeymoons or anything
Can’t sleep.
Even wins seem to be distractions
Maybe some overthinking innit but…
Rising through got my antagonists stronger
New challenges wish me dead.

Insightfully I discern what anticipates
Slaying leviathans and procuring time
Mound up Gems to afford the purchase
Most importantly;
An epoch of memories to conjure up
Entirely easier to rest my soul.


A hoary world I possess
Certainly not day or night given credit
Entirely on me attitude up and combat
I extremely overhaul my eminence
Seafaring to greater pinnacles
At least orchestrate one wrong deed
To usual the annals straight

Aware of the magnitudes
I expect them to bite
Phases to oblige darkness and obscurity
Mostly know when let the candle lit
A shuffle of godly and diabolic picnics
Remorse postponed and be adequate

Trouble sleeping or dreams be folk tales
Adversaries mocking and giggling
In contemplation of your targets
Minus a doubt eject them deterrents
Style my reveries antiquity
Tales be told of my fair success
Even seeming unfair to hindrances.
But certainly, That’s where we at.


Boulevards all time wilding
Brains popping
Bad deeds keep booming
Cliques preserve mourning
The bros we keep losing

Many drugs we abusing
Insomnia we try inducing
Though more snags in it
The crime rate increasing
How is the government really helping?

Lack of money we keep about stressing
Lends from the régime we seeking
Closure of industries is what we getting
Unemployment amongst us is nomadic

Despite the viral pandemic keeps hunting
Patients’ populace keeps escalating
Vaccines strewn like ‘weed’ plugging
How is the government really helping?


Call it playing games,
Nevertheless, not like this.
Frolicking with my heart,
Is no aspiration of mine?
Only if you perhaps snoop.

Back then it was all flames
You set alight me up
My heart rapidly beating.
I embraced emotions up
Positives vibes we had.

You were my everything
I had pledged fidelity to the empress
Battles we kept charming
Beautiful moments I keep recalling
Some of me hates how soft am becoming.

I really got addicted
Obsession in fact
Buried deep in my feelings
Trying to unravel what I can
Despite leading to the fire from the pan.

Headway seems to be a circular cycle.
Situation gets more confusing
I am petrified am wedged in this abyss
I linger clueless about the next plan.
Yeah…that’s what my traumatized heart twigs.


My aching decoded into writing
Rigid times I am living in
Much whiskey I end up consuming
To expire my brain’s stressing
Living in this dreadful ecosphere;
That is not of my cherry-picking
Much foul among men;
And it’s seriously thriving.

Egotistical discrete goals to our own liking
The bitter truth kept in hiding
More conspiracy notions in the making
Audiences in situations that are life intimidating
Innocent lives we keep on losing
Living in an orthodox society trusting in;
Not qualifying the means but the ending.

Undoubtedly there is no justice
Judicial panels into malpractice
Personally I can’t really blame them
Denounce those who empowered them
They are a mirror image of each of us
Don’t even forget about our political leaders
All this chaos you gave it a free pass.

In my opinion, man is doomed not to change
Man and malevolent bound till he comes of age
God’s judgement; man’s inevitable fate.
I am less acquainted if I see things clearly
Diminished decree from the alcohol intake
Judge me or not but I repose my case
These is the least of my mistakes
Off beam decisions ever being made
The human race entirely a big mistake
Sorry or not sorry it is said
And no one is to blame
Man is to error as explained
You and I know better;
Judgement with conviction awaits
least not disremember.

@kharl Vic


Dismay and my peoples’ shrieks,
Have come to be the harmony to my ears.
All they discourse about is my incompetency
Tables whirling, their faith has gone astray.

Sleepless nights discerning about the big fish
Gazing at a plummeting boat, the endeavors of my foes
Men and women disillusioned by power and greed.
Counsel filled with veiled motives shared,
All in the name of the general public’s representation.

External factors and diplomacy steer this ship too
I must give in to the demands of “the allies” for protection
Despite the dreadful verdicts, I can’t risk my folks’ extinction
As I relentlessly hold on to this sinking Titanic,
I accept the help of any other vessel coming to the rescue
Even it be the pirates.

In the incident of my anointing,
I felt it to be the starting of a new dawn
To provide my amenity and justice to all.
Only to realise that;
My fore-fathers handed me the captaincy too late
It is without a doubt we will hit rocks and descend.
The only way is to play this buccaneers’ game
As the apothegm deciphers;
While in Rome do it with roman elegance.

@kharl Vic


Side your troubles and fears
Be the giant everyone fears
Doesn’t matter if the world sorts you ‘psycho’
Just make your day and night a success cycle
At most branding you as a cutthroat
Please don’t be your dreams assassinator
Just joking though about this “occupation” here.
But be tenacious and unbroken if being sincere
I am just thinking about your future
I just want it to be bright for sure.

Young boy be valiant and face your fears
None is going to do it for you and give their ears
They only share void arguments and buy you beers
They all watch to see wherever your insanity gears
They will leave you to drown or leave you to the bears
As a matter of fact;
They have standpoints like those of proficient killers.

What do you really fear?
Companions turn and participate to your murder
An antagonist turns into your peer
Relinquishment by your passionate lover
Rancor from those who were once very dear
Just watch out and grasp as things appear

Cowardice will lead to your demise
Fear not!!
Even the Lord granted you his advice
Learn to detect when you see them lies
Be bold about what you want in your lives
Don’t animate in others glooms and disguise.

@kharl Vic


Mug up to catch back to winning.
Don’t be flabbergasted
For you partake been benched
Your preceding alleyway triumphed a dead end
It doesn’t mean you’re not still gifted
Strain to hit the books for your slips instead
Sometimes attention and limelight get shifted
It’s the phase to get your priorities listed
Ascertain the new dwellings you are needed.

Subsiding transpires to the paramount of us
Solely it means up there you had a higher status
Only that nature has something new to instill in us
Entrustment of new accountabilities dictated to us
Whereabouts resulting to our downfall are past us
Different futures await, come and join us!

Censure and revulsion leave it to the wicked
They hate due to the circumstance that;
You have what they always wanted
Go ahead to re-invent yourself;
Find new systems to battle what you started
Lifecycle is more like art;
Ultimate piece is engaging contrasting drafts painted.

Aggressively pushing beyond my limit
Substantial single-mindedness on the new hit list
Giving it stint, is considerably exquisite.
Time, I can’t afford to discard it
Accomplishment is what am gearing at.
Soon be earsplitting mama I made it.

Am going to be continually one step ahead
Playing chess elegance in my head
Making prior verdicts for the events ahead
Sniping my drawbacks with blasts on their heads
Preserve them down I am not endowing odds to them;
They can certainly not escalate from the dead.
Can’t meet the expense of another downfall.

@kharl Vic